Koop’s Unique Musical Style

It is difficult to properly categorize Koop’s unique music style. One part jazz, one part electronica, with a heavy hand of swing and a pinch of Caribbean influence- the band will not be pigeonholed. The Swedish duo of Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson are known for sampling music from many eras and influences, which gives their pieces a timeless feeling of modern retro.

Mixing it Up

Koop led the cutting edge of the Swedish modern jazz movement. Their album, “Waltz for Koop,” featuring vocalists mixed over samples of various musical styles, created a dramatic and never before heard dynamic of jazz and techno. Borrowing from the drum beat of dance and electronic house mixes, the horns of a classic jazz quartet and the unusual backbeat of a steel drum, Koop’s music can evoke melancholy and joy in equal measures.

Jazz in Parts

The term “acid jazz” has been used to describe this style of music, but Koop managed to take their style of jazz far beyond any classification. It’s perhaps easier to pick apart the influences that can be heard in the music than it is to categorize the finished product. Koop seamlessly combines bossa nova, big band, and fusion jazz. The result is impressive and unlike any other.


The vocalists who accompany Koop are the perfect high note and support. Sweetly simple and yet laced with emotion, singers such as Yukimi Nagano, Cecelia Stalin and Mikael Sundin contribute their own spin to each song. The feeling evoked by the vocals range from melancholy to relaxed to sultry- all in perfect harmony with the rhythms laid down by the dynamic duo of Simonsson and Zingmark. Koop manages to keep all of this collaboration accessible and enjoyable.

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