Electro Jazz

Electro Jazz incorporates the use of adding electrically amplified rock instruments into jazz. This type of jazz was very popular in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. The style was viewed as something new and exciting. Musicians are always looking for the new sound. The drum machine was a new sound that was vital and combined modern technology with digital music. This not only gave a new sound and a new way of creating music but also allowed a solo musician to create music with a full band sound.


As computers became a part of life musicians began to think creatively and vision how to use the new technology to make new sounds. This allowed musicians a new edge to creating music with the new digital sound signatures that they could bring into their music. This became the new sound of Electro jazz and the electronic sound.


One of the easiest ways to detect Electro jazz is the definitive trait of the drum tracks that the musician would use as the “spine” of their songs. Since most musicians at the time used a drum machine the songs all have a mechanical, digital and unemotional feel.


The vision and popularity of electronic songs may never die in the eye of the musician or their listeners. New musicians coming onto the scene are reinventing the old wheel and developing new sounds with new electronic devices and programs. The new fusion of this electronic jazz sound will allow creating something more interesting than what history has shown us so far and as more musicians come into the world of creating new music they will look back and create with this style.

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