The Band Koop

When Magnuss Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson formed the band Koop in 1997, they ushered in a new sound in acid jazz. Inspired by hip-hop, jazz, and house dance, Koop’s groundbreaking music is laced with innuendo and a sensual rhythm. Zingmark and Simonsson joined forces in Uppsala, but it wasn’t until they moved to Stockholm that their music really took shape.

Sons of Koop

Working with a series of impressive collaborators, the pair released their debut album, Sons of Koop, in 1997. According to the official homepage of the band,, the music is created through a series of sample and overlays, thousands of short clips of sound and music reworked to achieve the unique sound. The element that brings it all together and polishes each composition is the guest vocals by singers such a Yukimi Nagano, Rob Gallagher, Mickael Sundin, Ane Burn and Hilde Louise Asbjornsen.

Waltz for Koop

The group’s follow-up album, Waltz for Koop, was released in 2002, and was awarded a Swedish Grammy Award in 2003. The highly acclaimed album was their first to be featured on a US Billboard Music chart, where it peaked at number 17 on the Top Electronic Albums list. A remix of Waltz for Koop was released in 2004, featuring alternative takes and remixes of the entire album.

Koop Islands

The band’s third album was released in 2006. Koop Islands combines the unique sounds of swing with an exotic island feel, giving the entire album a coastal energy. The song “Koop Island Blue” was picked up for use in two different video games, and was featured on the American TV show “So You Think You Can Dance.” The Coca Cola Company featured the song “Strange Love” in a commercial.

The band can be found at their official site, and through their Myspace Music homepage.

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